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So, I haven't been posting much hear lately because I have been so busy with my new business and such, I have a website up and a Blog about animal behavior/training that I post to about once a week now.

so you can see what I am up to there:)

Something interesting I have discovered about NZ this year... they don't say "boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife" they just say "my partner". So I am constantly misunderstanding and either make a fool out of myself by saying "oh? and what business are you in together?" or I automatically assume they are gay. Only to realize minutes into the conversation that they indeed are not. This is particularly frustrating around Valentine's day as many of the radio stations are advertising places to go/do with your partner and I am not sure if it is appropriate to go as a straight couple.

Its all very confusing. And to make things more uncomfortable in that conversation , they look at me VERY weird if I refer to oliver as "my husband". Its like I just made a rude noise and everyone is embarrassed for me.

First Year

First year in NZ completed... business started, new puppy acquired and doing well on training, website up, Things are going well.

Really I have to say I love it here.

My Dad is Old...

It seems my Dad's 59th year has started out a busy one as I have not been able to get a hold of him either one his birthday, the day after his birthday or indeed, a few days later on Thanksgiving. What was he up to? Well the same thing he has been up to since he was a teenager, Fencing.

Since I am far away from home, and because it is difficult to ship things from so far away, my dad got his birthday present about a month ago when I visited for my sister's wedding. A pair of dark brown New Zealand Wool slippers. I hope they have been quite comfortable! But this is my other gift.

The Things I have Learned from my Dad.

Dedication- Did I already mention fencing? My dad has taught me the meaning of the word,dedication, through his actions. Because of this I have always held to the idea that if you really enjoy something you should never give it up for any reason.

Patience- Seemingly the most patient man in the world. When I get frustrated, I remember my Dad's ability to be calm in any situation no matter how infuriating. And then I take a deep breath and try to be more like him.

Wit vs. Timing- His dry sense of humor is only made funnier by the carefully thought out comments, made possibly minutes after a topic of conversation has ended. In the end his wit makes up for the late delivery of his most hilarious comments.

The Ability to Apologize- Apologizing for anything I was at fault for was never my strong point as a child. I was more of the "hide and take a nap until the whole thing blew over" type. It was because of my dad that I finally realized how far an apology can go to mending hurt feelings. And that apologizing for something did not make you a lesser person, but in fact a much better person.

That is what my Dad has taught me; how do be a better person, how to deal with tough situations calmly, the importance of doing something that you really believe in, and
that a cleverly though out line does not necessarily have to be delivered exactly on time, as long as it is funny in your own head.

I owe you a lot (not just for the cars you bought me) but for where I am right now. Starting my own business, staying calm under pressure, and the ability to laugh with myself even when no one else gets the joke.

Thanks Dad! Happy Birthday! (maybe next year I'll get you a nice watch).

Super Ears!

Super Ears!
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We are enjoying Spring here in Wellington now. I will ceratinly make a note to start inviting people to visit us any time from November through February for the best weather Wellington has to offer!

I bought my Turkey for Thanksgiving already and I am hoping to have some friends around for the feast!

So much has happened this year. Its been pretty crazy and fun! I spent January and february with no furniture save a bed and a Giant TV. Then I started volunteering at the local SPCA's and worked on getting my Business Visa through. Then I got to have my mom come and visit for a month, got my visa and adopted a new member of the family!

As the year is winding to a close I got more visitors (Sunday and Mike). I started getting paying clients for my business and My sister got married! I really wonder what the last two months of the year have in store...


Icecream Yeti
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Its been a ton of fun having Sunday and Mike here. We always see more of NZ when we have guests and this time we went up to Napier in Hawke's Bay. This is one fo the major wine regions in NZ. We spent the night in a little motel much like th eones Mom and I stayed in when we went on our little road trip.

Napier is a cool town that is right on the water. In the earl thirties it was hit by a major earthquake and the resulting fires completely raised the town. The entire town was rebuilt in the thirties and followed the asthetics of the time which was Art Decor. So the entire town is a collection of amazing art decor buildings and community structures that really are something to see!

So after spending saturday wondering around we went out to Craggy Range Winery for Lunch then headed home (with a case full of wine of course).

You Talking to Me?

You Talking to Me?
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Had a fun time out at Cape Pallisar again... so many seals so little time.

My dog behaviour business is in full swing (well maybe half swing) with clients calling or emailing every couple days and freebie sessions already leading to paying sessions! weeee!

Headed out of town to the wine region (Napier) this weekend. Should be fun... not sure what is there but either way there will be wine so can't really go wrong.

For Dipping in Chocolate

For Dipping in Chocolate
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Fondue is so great. The only meal where you dip tasty dessert into MORE tasty dessert.

Settling in back at home now. The weather is terrible here for some reason.. its supose to be headed into Spring! It just seems to be getting colder... So its good to note: visit us in November -Feb for the best weather!